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Age high on top of the world.

Buddha at Drepung Monastery
Jesse in his Chinese Army rain gear.

Age and the prayer flags.. The guide book said the view was beautiful from here.. We wouldn't know..

The monks at the Gephel Rithro Monastery halfway up the Mountain were very friendly. (They don't get many visitors)

They were also quite curious about our tent and stove.

Hey! Someone stole Age's mitten!

On the second day we summited.. The clouds partially cleared making for some stunning scenery.

Like Piccaso, we also had a "blue period"


Did I mention the scenery was stunning?

Here is Age nearing 5,000 meters (16,500 feet)... It's a long way up..

Adriane coming in for a crash landing.

Tibet is called "The Rooftop of the World"

The summit ridge... 200 long meters up

Is Adriane dead on the summit?
No, just making a snow angel.

The summit! 5,240 meters (17,292 feet)

We crawled back to our tent and the next day hiked down in beautiful sunny weather.

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