Climbing in Paradise

Travel Prep
South Korea

  Age Solo
  Jesse Solo

New Zealand
Post Travel

Boat ride to Paradise.

Beautiful sandy beaches and..

an occasional poisonous snake.

Rey Lai Beach at Dusk.

Age LOVED the hotdogs in Krabi. Look at her trying to hide her sin.

Who's got a water polo ball?

Bouldering in paradise...

notice the soft landings.

Dorky Jesse.
Dorky Jesse underwater.

Studly Adriane!

A big jelly fish

Rey Lai Beach from above. Look at all that beautiful limestone!

Jesse, the intrepid hunter, skins his prey.

You are going to eat this and you are going to like it.

Jungle approach.
Big jungle tree.

Monkey see..

Monkey do.

We had to wade to the climb... Life is tough sometimes in paradise.

Jesse wishing there were just a few more places to put his feet.

Nice view at the top.

Jesse after redpointing a 6b (5.10c). Got to love those heel hooks!

Age enjoying herself after a hard day climbing.

Jesse finally found a leaf big enough..

The climbing gang finishing the day with a swim. Tough life, huh?

Up, up, up...

Nice spot for a belay..

Milk. It does the body good (especially chocolate milk).

Our campsite.

Jesse got eaten by the tent.

Is Boston cold and snowy?

Sadly we eventually had to leave paradise.

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