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Us ready to start the tramp.
Adriane getting us to the start of the tramp. A nice Professor of Siesmology from Colorado eventually picked us up. By the time he dropped us off we knew all about the geology of New Zealand AND how to measure the gravitational change of a rising mountain.

A Ranger we met later in the trip told us how all the rangers like to hang out at the beginning of a tramp to watch all the foriegners crossing the streams... "They hop; they mince; they take off their boots and socks; they walk up and down trying to find the 'best' place." Tourist season is Comedy Central. We fell pray to every one of the Stream Crossing Bloopers... until we learned.

Adriane pretending to be a thorn bush (Prof Nocera, whats its real name?) Here are her other masquerades

Formosa Pine

Joshua Tree

Jesse unpacking at what looks like a beautiful campsite... The hordes of biting sandflies liked it too.

Occasionally instead of making us wade through the nasty river they provided the Kiwi version of a bridge..

It was much more fun when Age was doing the cranking..

Age tried to catch Jesse crossing a stream but he was just too quick!

One theory on the evolution of birds claims that birds first used their wings to run faster, and one day, they took off. Adriane keeps hoping that one day her flapping will pay off.

Unfriendly looking Whitehorn Pass, where we were supposed to go..
Instead we stayed at these two friendly looking alpine lakes.

Enjoying the good life...
At our gorgeous campsite.

Laying down, upside down, in the freezing cold morning all for her art!

Morning clouds..

Someone wants to go swimming!

Is she really going in?
dah nah nah naa .. (think cheesy music)
She almost looks like a pro..

Now that's gorgeous scenery!

Jesse couldn't let Age have all the fun.

Our first encounter with a Kea, an alpine parrot(!!), only found in New Zealand.

Adriane practicing the ancient Kung-fu art of "Bird Fly over Stream", aka 'flapping'


Jesse found a drier route.

This river crossing actually gets deeper.. Unfortunately Adriane politely told Jesse to put away the &#$!ing camera and get her a stick.

This river crossing actually gets deeper too.. Unfortunately Adriane got so scared she stopped taking pictures and started hunting for stick.

They say the bigger stick you have the less likely you are to fall. Adriane was taking no chances!

Uhh... Adriane, I don't think they meant literally.

See, we're learning; just walk right through.

The first trail all trip and it showed up on the last day!

Ahh.. Jesse, there is something.. nevermind. heehee

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