On the Road Again

MIT Graduation

Jesse and Jonathan taught me how to climb in Seattle.

On the road with Jesse to Idaho. Jesse has pictures of the adventure too.

Climbing at City of Rocks in Idaho. Look, I'm leading!

Old faithful!

Us at the start of our hike in Yellowstone.

Snow in July?!?!

The steamy caldrun hot springs that smelt like rotten eggs.

Lilith Fair...

at Vantage in Washington.

Catching the train from Seattle to... SF.

Where I met Kevin. He bought a car, and I bought a bike and we both headed to LA. We arrived the same time...

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' through tons of different scenery from SF to LA.

Me and my bike outside Big Sur.

Meeting the locals.

A side trip to Hippie Hole above Big Sur was a needed rest.

The water was beautiful.

After a grueling 6 day, 540 mile bike ride, I relaxed on the beach with Cousy Lisa.

Jesse met me in Zion. He has all the pictures of that story.
Jesse had just left Zion National Park, and I'm sitting at the Visitor Center organizing my backcountry permits when I hear, "Nice hat, Adriane" and who drives up? Kevin and Luke!

Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park with Kevin and Luke. What a rush! Sometimes walking ankle deep, sometimes walking waist deep and sometimes swimming don the river.

Why did I think rivers in New Zealand were so hard?
Spectacular canyons.

Bryce National Park with Luke and Kev.

The rock was a brilliant red and orange.

My experiment with tree pictures.

On the way to Tempe, Az, the dust storm made the most amazing rainbows.

Ryan and his farm in Texas.

I learned all about the truck's engine...

Wandering around the French Quarter of New Orleans.

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