The weekend of August 29-30 I visited Adriane in Salt Lake City where she was on business. Buy real-estate in Salt Lake City! It is in a beautiful place with great skiing and climbing incredibly close to the city.

Me getting ready to climb. Which of course was the first thing we did after I arrived in Salt Lake City.

Here is Age getting ready to take off on lead.

Ah.. The classic climbers butt shoot (Notice the holes)

Here I am topping out on a climb we thought was supposed to a 5.7 but turned out to be a 5.9 (With a couple annoying runouts)

On the second day we did a multi-pitch gear route rated 5.7. The first pitch was pretty awkward but the second pitch was the best gear route I have ever lead. Way fun!!

Me .. Doing nothing..

Here is Age topping out on the second pitch… You think she could have mustered up a smile.

I am sitting on a very uncomfortable rock.

Age with the good eye noticed my shoe matched the flowers. My favorite shot of the trip.

I think Adriane is much happier now that she is going down.

And even happier still now that she is at the bottom

After finishing our multi-pitch climb we got some food then headed to the local overhung wall for some stress free bolted climbing

Me trying to get over the crux of the climb. I never succeeded and decided to go around.

After that climb we did some bouldering (ie no rope). If you have a great deal of concern for Adriane's welfare or my own welfare then you probably should not view these pictures. Instead enjoy the classy shot of me pondering a climb.