LA and Joshua Tree

LA and Joshua Tree

Adriane and I went to LA to hang out in her uncle's beach house and to climb at Joshua Tree National Park.

The car I slept in the first night (notice how small it is). Adriane slept in the beach house.

The beach house is REALLY close to the beach.

Adriane and Dollie.

Downtown LA. Notice the bright thing in the center of the picture. I don't think it exists in seattle.

This is the beach that was a 30 second walk from the beach house. Notice the lifeguard station from Bay Watch.

Going, going, gone... Remember it is raining in seattle right now.

Look at all the surfer dudes!! Still raining in Seattle...

Look mom! I can do a handstand!

Adriane messing up my hair.

Palm trees and Santa Claus. LA is a strange place. Even weirder if you listen to the music.

I'm not sure what this sound has to do with this picture.

Age strut'in through the desert. (Now we are in Joshua Tree)

Here is what Age really wanted to do all day.

But of course she climbed. If you think she looks happy about it listen to what she sounded like.

What we climbed.

The view half way up.

I guess Age is happier now that we are off the ground.

I, on the other hand, am getting bored. The people above us were taking their sweet time.

I finally made it too the top. As did Adriane... someone had to take my picture at the top.

The next day I was a little tired of leading so Adriane lead. Did a great job too (especially considering we later found out she had mono). This is her at the top.

And me at the top.

Age on her way down. Notice the stylish holes.

Adriane top roping a really hard climb and what she had to say about it (remember she has mono)

Me at the top of the climb. (Okay so I climbed around back)

Right before we left we realized we didn't have any pictures of Joshua Trees. So here you go... Us and trees.

My favorite shot. Adriane pretending to be a Joshua Tree. If you look close you can still see the holes.